Amanda Sophie Hernandez

Age: 11
Country: Philippines

I am Amanda Sophie Hernandez. My birthday is April 10, 2008 in Manila, Philippines. I am a Figure Skater, daughter, student, sister, and a podcaster. (Pls don’t stop reading from here)

I live with a family of five. There’s Mommy, Daddy, Zoie, Kylie, and Me! I am the eldest child in the family and we’re all girls (except for Daddy of course)… When It’s just us as a family, like weekends or vacations. We would like to go out of town, to museums, or parks! But there are also a lot of things I like to do as a hobby, even at home! One is dancing, I looove dancing. When we’re told to get active, my number on option is dancing, we would get our Xbox or Nintendo Switch (yes, we have those) and turn up the beat. But when I’m not dancing, I let my creative juices spill out and spend time on art! And when I say art I mean all sorts of art! Painting, pottery, colouring, drawing… They’re all on my list! But I’m particularly fond of origami, the art of folding paper. Lastly, in my quiet time, I would be reading. History, novels, stories, technology… I read, read, and read. Having a required book to read isn’t extra work at all!

I am also a Figure Skater representing my country the Philippines! I started at the age of 5, well I was about to turn 5. It all started when my cousin invited me to skate at SM Mall of Asia. It was my first time and I always dreamed of skating on frozen water! Well I was a bit disappointed when I saw that the ice wasn’t outside on a frozen lake… Oh well! We got some tickets, got some rental skates and went for it. I had an assist coach who helped go around the ice so I won’t have to spend the whole time at the boards. And everything came smoothly to me! Yes I fell a few times but it was okay. The day ended and I left the rink loving skating! I kept on coming back and on the third day, I was gliding around the ice! For my first three years I was mainly playing on the ice. I was already competing abroad but it was not the serious stuff that I do now. A few months after I turned 8, I changed coaches and said good bye to my old local coaches (I was so sad!).  I started training harder and taking skating as a serious thing. I still have fun but I am now training for the big stuff like World Championships or the OLYMPICS! My dream is to be known as the best Figure Skater in the world at least for a time and the Philippines won’t be a joke in the sport Figure Skating (because no Filipino Figure Skater won in the big competitions)!

If I am not skating and having fun with my family, I would be in school and I love it. I go to a school called Southville International School and Colleges or SISC. I don’t have a regular schedule I school because I train for like the whole day! I go to school two times a week (except when classes are suspended, then I would train). This is a program given by the school. I like it way better than having regular classes because it’s much more peaceful and productive. It’s just so noisy when I’m in regular classes. I’m not like other kids who would do anything to not go to school. I actually take it as my rest day in the middle of the week. And I actually enjoy taking exams, tests, and quizzes. But I tend to get so frustrated if I get a grade less than VS or Very Superior. But I’ve been doing well so far in my years at school.

So this is Me!