My Russian Learning Process

Language Learning. It is important to learn a language for business, school sports… Learning a language opens you to new opportunities every step of the way! You can live in a different country because you can contact with people in that country.

I am learning the language Russian because of my sport figure skating. I usually go there twice a year. Every time I go there I would stay for about a month. Learning Russian will help me communicate with my coach and train-mates there.

My goal for language learning is to become a Polyglot. A polyglot is a person who can speak at least 6 languages and I consider it an amazing achievement to actually achieve that!

My goal in Russian is to be able to have regular conversations with natives without difficulty in 6 months.

The Method

There will be three parts in my journey to learning Russian.

  1. Learning common words and Russian pronunciation
  2. Learn grammar
  3. Ask for a friend’s advice

I will be spending 2 months on part 1, a week on part 2, and 1 3/4 months for part 3.

1. Learning common words and Russian pronunciation

I have already learned the Russian alphabet and the pronunciation of the letters. Now I will be learning the most common words natives use. I will also be using some memory techniques to help myself (memory palace, memorising with body parts, mnemonics, etc.). There is also a learning platform that I used for online flashcard, Quizlet.

Then in the last three weeks, I will be testing myself by watching some Russian TV shows and movies!

2. Learning Grammar

Of course I will be learning grammar! I don’t want to say “mice eats cats” when I mean “cats eat mice”! I will be using the 20/80 method. The 20/80 method means that you learn the top 20 things in that topic to solve 80% of the problems.

will also use a book called “A Comprehensive Russian Grammar” by Terence Wade to help me out!

(I’ll also find videos about Russian grammar)

3. Ask for friend's advice

Lastly, I’ll ask for advice from my friends in Russia! They can help me in my Russian and I can help them in their English! A win-win! I usually contact them via Instagram.

Getting advice from a native speaker is very important for your language learning. There may be some things that are said differently than what is translated in Google Translate.

And I will be using a book called “Polyglot: How I learn Languages” by Kato Lomb for more tips on general language learning.

So this is my language learning method. Not only for Russian but for everything! I am planning to learn Chinese next when I can speak good Russian!

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