The Musical Instrument Swap Challenge!

In this episode, me and my younger sister Zoie decided to swap instruments! I usually played the piano and Zoie played the violin. But for this challenge, I was on the violin and Zoie was on the piano.

Zoie uses an app called Trala

And I use the one and only
Simply Piano

So I would be using Trala and Zoie would be using Simply Piano! We did one course each during the episode but when we weren’t recording we did more!

Zoie and I actually enjoyed it very much. We spent more time practicing each other’s instruments instead of our own that day! 

And because me and Zoie enjoyed it very much, we have decided that together we will be learning both Violin and Piano! We wouldn’t have come to this decision if we didn’t try this challenge!

As always, making the best out of every moment in life!

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